How to disinfect and care for scissors

May 21, 2020 News

We are receiving many inquiries about disinfection methods, so we would like to introduce how to disinfect and care for scissors.
For disinfecting scissors, disinfectant ethanol is effective (ethanol used for disinfecting hands is ok).

<How to disinfect and care>

  • (1) Remove dirt with chamois
  • (2) Moisten gauze with ethanol and wipe surface
  • (3) Wait for a while until the ethanol dries , and wipe off not to remain moisture
  • (4) Apply oil to pivot point
  • (5) When storing, apply oil to blade as well
  • (6) When using again, wipe off oil


  • - Moisture may remain after wiping with ethanol, so be sure to wipe it off thoroughly not to rust.
  • - The blade is very sharp, so be careful not to cut your hands, such as folding the chamois in four.
  • - We do not recommend disinfecting with boiling water or steam because if you do not disassemble and wipe the scissors, moisture may remain in the screw and scissors will rust.
  • - Even for ethanol, if it has a low concentration or contains moisturizing ingredients, it may rust without evaporating. Be sure to wipe it off thoroughly.
  • - We do not recommend to soak scissors in the ethanol since moisture cannot not be completely wiped off.
  • - Do not use sodium hypochlorite. Scissors will rust by chlorine.
  • - Disinfection with UV rays (disinfectant) is also effective, but the effect on the COVID-19 is currently being verified by institutions.

Please take care to use the scissors safely and for a long time.
(Updated on May 29)